A measured perspective

It’s been a long work day so I wasn’t expecting to sneak in any art but I just about had time to do the first exercise in Chapter 8 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

The chapter concentrates on sighting to put things into perspective and the first exercise asks you to pick a doorway and draw the surrounding scene to scale using a base unit and sighting the relative size and angles of objects and spaces.

Here’s my attempt with some filters applied in Photoshop.

The ease with which you can bend reality when drawing is part of the attraction for me. I veered from reality in a few places:

  • Removed some clutter in the hallway.
  • Drew the dado rail on the right as though it runs horizontally along the wall when it actually turns downwards due to stairs that are not pictured.
  • Skipped the bath and shower curtain inside the bathroom.

I put a lot more effort into sticking with the base unit this time and it faired well for all the major lines. The hardest part of the drawing was the righthand side dado rail since I couldn’t work out a perspective that felt right. I hope the final result fits reasonably well.

Apart from the exercise above, I’ve also been trying to capture my own likeness in a rough sketch every now and again. Still a way off 🙂


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