The one where Oba buys a MacBookPro with Retina Display

One of the most stressful and extravagant purchases I’ve made in a long time finally materialized as tangible goods on August 9th 2012.

Using the excuse that my partner would not return the MacBookPro 2010 edition that I lent her a few months ago, I am now the wistful and financially-burdened owner of a MacBook Pro with Retina Display (mid-2012 edition) with almost all the trimmings.

The laptop’s arrival necessitated a temporary halt to my hobbies whilst I integrate the device into my lifestyle. Mix in a heavy workload and I’ve not had a lot of time for drawing, 3D or gaming over the past five days.

To avoid delivery issues, I had the Mac shipped to my work address. The only downside, beyond having the AppleCare initially registered to my employer, was that I had to ignore my new toy until close of business.

Of course, it’s best to check the contents on delivery so I had a sneak peek in the box at lunchtime.

I was impressed with how shrink-wrapped the package was given the contents were specifically tailored to me.

The new MacBook looks much like my old 2010 Mac from the top though I think the Apple icon may be more punchy.

Here’s a shot of the lower layer for completeness.

Having checked the contents, I put it all back neatly and got back to work.

The rest of the grand opening ceremony took place when I got home. I cleared a big space on my desk and set the mac down.

Completing the initial setup only took a few minutes.

At first glance the MacBook Pro mid-2012 edition looks much like the 2010 edition but if you look closely you’ll see it is significantly thinner. In an odd twist, the power button is now part of the keyboard rather than a separate key in the aluminium body.

The Retina display is of course beautiful but as someone who likes their screen real-estate, I soon found myself sniffing around for the display scale options to get direct access to more of the pixels.

Freeing more space on a Retina Display

Installing all my creative software took quite a while but I’m pretty much up and running now.

Here’s a couple of screenshots I took to try demonstrate the difference between Retina mode and full-space scaled mode. Click the images to see full size versions – they’re huge!

Retina-enabled display

Full scale mode

Had I not put myself under financial strain to buy this laptop, I’d be absolutely delighted about it. It’s a gorgeous bit of kit. However, the laptop costs more than my car is worth and is a classic example of why I have hardly any money to my name.

Anyway, the deed is done and I’m not going to regret it. It’s good to finally have a MacBook that’s capable of running all my 3D software, photo manipulation and video editing packages. I’m really looking forward to making the most of it.

I wrote this post on the MacBook Pro with an attached Dell 24 inch monitor, an Apple wireless keyboard and a Razer Naga USB gaming mouse. The initial draft was composed in Scrivener and I used Adobe Photoshop to prepare all the images. I’ve run on battery power all night without realizing. Got a good 3 hours out of the battery with this setup so far and battery is now at 21% charge.


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