I’m not putting much time aside to read the magazines that fall on my doormat throughout the month these days. I did a review of subscriptions today and cut Custom PC from the list. My pratical-geek-tech fix is now met by Computer Shopper.


If I had to choose just one magazine to keep it would be Empire. Next would be 3D Artist.

How It Works is a relatively new addition that is a good source for the odd piece of interesting-but-rarely-useful information.

PC Gamer has been a staple read for some time but I’m starting to lose interest. Guess this will be next for the chop.

I have a mild love-hate relationship with 3D World: the covers often look tacky but the content if often good. For instance, this month (Issue 164) they have several features on movie visual effects and also a feature on creating game levels using Unity 3D and Blender.


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