Hey 2013! How you getting on?

I had every intention of becoming a regular blogger this year but with every passing week, the resistance to make the first post got that little bit greater.

I’ve finally broken through the picket line. In truth, I only succeeded because I have a lot of work to do this weekend and I’m running out of ways to put it off. I’m about 98% certain that I will have run out of excuses around 30 minutes after this post. First, I absolutely must collect a microwave from Argos!

Anyhoo, just before I go, here’s a picture of the latest gadget to enter my life: a WoodStock electro-acoustic guitar.


Woodstock electro-acoustic guitar bought from Rockstar Guitars in Blackheath

My Ibanez electric guitar went into storage in a cloud of disappointment back in 2009. I had avoided all contact with guitars until my niece asked me to retune hers last weekend. I predicted there would be consequences.


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