Rekindled love for Lovatt’s Crosswords

Since my last post, I’ve:

  • been through a full musical hobby revival cycle.
  • learnt 1500 French words and phrases with Anki.
  • stopped pixelating my purpose because it was adding stress to my daily routine.
  • looked at several houses with a view to moving but still live in a tired old flat.
  • played countless hours of Path of Exile.
  • developed a Path of Exile character tracker in C# to keep tabs on progress in races.
  • tried and dropped several other games.
  • upgraded to Modo 701.
  • worked lots and lots and lots.
  • enjoyed the return of summer. Hoorah for sunshine!
  • developed an urge to complete crosswords.

Who’d have thought that, out of all those events, crosswords would be the catalyst for the next blog post?!?

It dawned on me recently that crosswords are a good way to keep your vocabulary fresh. I used to be a big fan of Lovatt’s Crosswords in the past so I resubscribed a few days ago.

I haven’t received the first edition of my subscription yet but I remembered seeing an old magazine at work when I moved into my current office so I dug that out to keep me occupied in the short term.

The puzzle book was published in 2006!

Here’s the result. It took me 3 days


I’ll admit these puzzles are entertaining but close to the borderline between fun and routine. I’d say 10% of the clues are challenging, maybe a further 15% are interesting and the rest just take time.

The vocabulary for most of the clues and answers is fairly rudimentary, leading to a sense that your time might be better spent on higher-brow material. However, the sense of accomplishment upon completing such a big grid makes up for minor shortcomings. What’s more the act of working on the puzzle away from a computer screen is quite therapeutic for a computer nerd like me.

You can find more about Lovatt’s Crosswords at their site here: The site includes free online crosswords if you fancy a dabble.


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