Moodles and learning about portraits

I continued to drag my feet this week but did at least break open the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book and read through Chapter 9 “Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease” up to the first set of exercises. The book revealed a few unexpected truths about the proportions of features on … Continue reading

Losing traction

There’s a growing disparity between thought and action at the moment. I’m having trouble distancing myself enough from work and other aspects of my life to give art a fair chance. Creative time feels like a luxury I can’t afford. As with the last post, I’ve restricted myself to doodles over the last few days. … Continue reading

Doodle do

Work has been full on of late and I’ve not tried hard enough to squeeze in quality creative time. Instead I contented myself with a few quick doodles on scraps of paper (feature and below) and on the iPad (next). At my most distracted, I started doodling on my work notepad but the result looked … Continue reading

A measured perspective

It’s been a long work day so I wasn’t expecting to sneak in any art but I just about had time to do the first exercise in Chapter 8 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The chapter concentrates on sighting to put things into perspective and the first exercise asks you to … Continue reading

Experimenting with Picture Formats #2

The next exercise in Chapter 7 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is to draw the negative spaces around a chair and in doing so, inadvertently draw the chair. The brief also included practising the principles of a base unit and keeping the drawing in proportion. Naturally, I mixed in another picture … Continue reading

Experimenting with Picture Formats #1

After the last few drawing exercises I took some time off to regain confidence and read some more of the drawing book. I am now tucking into Chapter 7 which explores negative space and the idea of a base unit of measurement to maintain perspective. Chapter 7 also introduces the notion of composition: how best … Continue reading

Down tools and get back to work

The enjoyment mixed with intermittent frustration of my arty holiday-come-extended-weekend is drawing to a close (pardon the pun). Time to down tools. Tomorrow it will be back to the day job, managing a team of software quality analysts. Talking of tools, drawing can be an incredibly cheap pastime. I splashed out on a snazzy pencil … Continue reading

Accessing the right frame of mind: drawing wrong way up

Over the last few days I completed the next group of exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The task was to replicate a series of line drawings upside down and whilst doing so, become conscious of “R mode” or thinking dominated by the right (creative) hemisphere of the brain. The theory … Continue reading

Drawing Taylor S

Over the last four days I haven’t found enough spare time to continue the exercises from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but I did manage to pick another model and do 4 “stretch-sketch” exercises. The first two were drawn on the same day when I was in a good mood and pretty … Continue reading

Caroline’s Vase

Continuing with the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book, I’ve just started Chapter 4 “Crossing over: experiencing the shift from left to right” in which the author helps the reader understand the shift required to move from L to R mode thinking. The first exercise is to draw the classic vase/faces optical … Continue reading