Hey 2013! How you getting on?

I had every intention of becoming a regular blogger this year but with every passing week, the resistance to make the first post got that little bit greater. I’ve finally broken through the picket line. In truth, I only succeeded because I have a lot of work to do this weekend and I’m running out … Continue reading


I’m not putting much time aside to read the magazines that fall on my doormat throughout the month these days. I did a review of subscriptions today and cut Custom PC from the list. My pratical-geek-tech fix is now met by Computer Shopper. If I had to choose just one magazine to keep it would … Continue reading

The one where Oba buys a MacBookPro with Retina Display

One of the most stressful and extravagant purchases I’ve made in a long time finally materialized as tangible goods on August 9th 2012. Using the excuse that my partner would not return the MacBookPro 2010 edition that I lent her a few months ago, I am now the wistful and financially-burdened owner of a MacBook … Continue reading

Down tools and get back to work

The enjoyment mixed with intermittent frustration of my arty holiday-come-extended-weekend is drawing to a close (pardon the pun). Time to down tools. Tomorrow it will be back to the day job, managing a team of software quality analysts. Talking of tools, drawing can be an incredibly cheap pastime. I splashed out on a snazzy pencil … Continue reading

Diddybeats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones

I’ve been doing a lot of walking to work lately and using music to lessen the boredom of grey urban scenery. Problem is, I can’t find my  favourite headphones anywhere (Koss Porta Pro… OMG, I just found them on Amazon and they are really inexpensive! Ooops… anyway, back to the story). Fed up with tinny … Continue reading

Impulsive Nikon D7000 purchase marks return of another hobby

On the 21st December, I decided to revive photography as a hobby to ensure I had at least one pursuit that involved outdoor activity (the gym doesn’t count). The thing is, whenever I bring a pastime back from the dead like this, it is usually accompanied by an expensive spend to bring related tools up-to-date. This … Continue reading

Playstation 3 R.I.P.

PS3 R.I.P.

My Playstation 3 died today. I had settled down to watch a blu-ray movie (Let the right one in). 10 minutes in, I paused playback. When I came back, audio commenced but the picture would not update. I exited playback, everything seemed ok. Tried to watch the movie… nothing. Tried a few more times and … Continue reading

Mimo 720S 7 inch usb touchscreen welcome addition to simrig

A few days ago I found a program called iSpeed that helps you to analyze and compare telemetry data from the iRacing service. It’s a great little app. Reading the write up on the site, I discovered that iSpeed was initially designed to run on a Mimo 7-inch usb monitor. I could tell from a … Continue reading

Stuck pixels on my LG W2363D after about a month’s use

Two vertical rows of stuck pixels have appeared on one of my LG W2363D monitors today. At first I thought it was a software glitch but they appear as soon as the LG is turned on. I’m not going to send the monitor back unless the screen becomes unusable. For the price and what I’m … Continue reading

Online Racing SimRig version 1.0 in operation

I’ve spent a small fortune over the last few weeks and ended up with somewhat of a compromise, but I’m pleased with it. thanks to a helpful hint on good color settings for the LG here: http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id=1280136712 and advice on how to get SLI working across 3 monitors here: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=172832&st=60 I eventually got up and … Continue reading