Forum avatar now live on Path of Exile

It’s been a long time coming but today is cause for celebration: my custom-designed Path of Exile forum avatar is finally live on the site. I spend a fair amount of my downtime playing Path of Exile or interacting on the forums so it’s good to have a congruent online identity. Happy Days! Advertisements


I’m not putting much time aside to read the magazines that fall on my doormat throughout the month these days. I did a review of subscriptions today and cut Custom PC from the list. My pratical-geek-tech fix is now met by Computer Shopper. If I had to choose just one magazine to keep it would … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 leads to creative hiatus

It’s been a while since I picked up the pencil and I’m giving Guild Wars 2 all the credit. It’s a captivating game. I’ve played for 35 hours over the last 22 days across 5 races each in a different profession with just over half that time spent as a Human Elementalist that is also … Continue reading

Two months post Diablo 3 launch

For me, Diablo 3 – which I’ve hardly mentioned since before it’s launch on May 15th – is an enjoyable way to pass the time and/or throw off the stress of the day. The artwork is pretty darn gorgeous too so the game also fuels my passion for art, computer graphics and game development. If … Continue reading

Unity Day 6 – Interaction 101

I’m on the third and hopefully final revision of the slides for my boss that I started yesterday morning. What a coincidence that I’m learning how to interact with a sliding door in Unity! [Poor segue but it’s all I’ve got tonight]. Chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is all about interactivity. It … Continue reading

Unity Day 5 – the spare time gamble

I forgot to do some presentation slides for my boss over the weekend and I’ve promised to have them done by tomorrow morning or at the latest tomorrow close of play. I didn’t get to them during the day and straight after work I went to visit my partner who is recuperating from an operation. … Continue reading

Unity Day 4 (another few hours)

After watching Prometheus and leaving the cinema somewhat bemused, I lifted my spirits with today’s exercise: Chapter 3 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials. Within 90 minutes of following along, I’d loosely modelled a terrain, textured it, added some palm trees and grass, added refractive water (pro perk, might as well use it), dropped in … Continue reading

6 hours with Unity

I’m now about 6 hours (spread over 3 days) into my Unity experience and happy with the results so far. Yesterday I switched to an up-to-date version of my chosen guide book. This edition is called Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and it was worth starting from the preface again as a lot of the … Continue reading

Unity here I come – first Unity 3D test

I really pushed the boat out today, purchasing a Pro license for the Unity 3D engine when I have hardly touched the free version. I have had a bee in my bonnet about finding a way to bring all my creative hobbies together in one package and some form of interactive 3D media might be … Continue reading

Too many toys! Torchlight2 Beta – Adobe Creative Cloud – Diablo 3 next week

As if there wasn’t enough to do in my spare time, today brought a Torchlight 2 Beta code and the release of the Adobe Creative Cloud. I’ve been playing Torchlight almost everyday for the past month trying to complete at least one playthrough before switching to Diablo 3. I’ve clocked up 58 hours so far … Continue reading