Affirmations and impious caramel pralines

Feature image courtesy of Karin Taylor. Beautiful imagery. See more at I’ve started doing positive affirmations again. This entails: Thinking of something you want to achieve. Creating a positive statement of achieving the goal. Typing that positive statement ten times to affirm your intent. Save the text file. Repeat every day until you either achieve … Continue reading

Rekindled love for Lovatt’s Crosswords

Since my last post, I’ve: been through a full musical hobby revival cycle. learnt 1500 French words and phrases with Anki. stopped pixelating my purpose because it was adding stress to my daily routine. looked at several houses with a view to moving but still live in a tired old flat. played countless hours of … Continue reading

Pixelated Purpose

I started a new stress and time management initiative called “Pixelated Purpose” about 4 weeks ago. Every 30 minute slot of time is a “pixel” and I colour each pixel based on what I’ve been doing or plan to do in that time: Blue is structured work. Yellow is unstructured downtime e.g. mealtimes or watching … Continue reading

Let the games begin! London 2012 Olympics

The Olympic opening ceremony took place last night and from a starting point of incredulous scepticism about the whole idea of a Danny Boyle show, I reached the crescendo in admiration of Danny’s creation and the work of all those who helped put it together. It was a proud moment for Great Britain. A quick … Continue reading

Unity Day 7 – Interaction 102

Quick update tonight. The slides for my boss were finally signed off and after visiting my partner I just about had time to complete Chapter 5 which involved ripping out the use of door’s box collider, toying with raycast hit detection methods then finally settling on the preferred trigger zone approach – using an independent … Continue reading

Woot! I used to be an adventurer like you…

… but I took an arrow to the knee! Glow in the dark T-Shirt arrived from Woot! today. Order yours here:

A month of yearning

Since the last post, I’ve continued the merry quest for happiness and fulfillment. At work, I’ve laboured affectionately with MadCap Flare and TestComplete 8.60. At home I ventured into the world of Skyrim after toying with World of Warcraft. Skyrim is AWESOME. Blizzard’s conference Blizzcon whet my appetite for the upcoming StarCraft2 Heart of the … Continue reading

Let’s see if I can fit in time for Poker… again

I suspect that compared to an average person, I have a ridiculous number of pastimes. I certainly have too many to do any of them well given I have a full time job and a relationshop but  hell, I like the variety. Poker was a serious pastime of mine for about 2 years and I … Continue reading

Mac OSX Lion – Installed and Loving It!

I have an early 2011 iCore i7 MacBook Pro and installed Mac OSX Lion 10.7 as soon as I got home last night. Left the mac doing it’s thing for about 40 minutes and after passing the scroll competency test (you can’t get back to your OS after install unless you successfully use two fingers … Continue reading

Speck SeeThru 15 inch case for MacBook Pro

Just received the Speck case through the post today. Fitted it in seconds and it looks great.