Pulling a goat from the right side of the brain

What a journey I’ve had this evening! The self doubt crept in quickly over the last day or so and I’d managed to procrastinate on the art front completely avoiding anything arty yesterday. Indeed, I strayed so far from the righteous path that I even dragged my old HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop out of storage … Continue reading

Unity Day 9 – 3DS Max model to Unity import and UV Unwrapping

Time was a little short today so I didn’t set out with big expectations of what I’d cover, just a rough idea of where I’d start and the direction to take. I started by creating a simple wedge-shaped object in 3DS Max then studied the UV Unwrap tools until I had enough knowledge to unwrap … Continue reading

Unity Day 6 – Interaction 101

I’m on the third and hopefully final revision of the slides for my boss that I started yesterday morning. What a coincidence that I’m learning how to interact with a sliding door in Unity! [Poor segue but it’s all I’ve got tonight]. Chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is all about interactivity. It … Continue reading

Baby steps… 3ds max bible quick start wip

so today I started with a little foray into Daz3d… … then dusted off 3ds max and the 3ds max bible. I struggled with the sand texture for a while until I realised I needed to scale it down to 0.2 to get something reasonable with the generic unit setup. In the end, the quick … Continue reading

A month of yearning

Since the last post, I’ve continued the merry quest for happiness and fulfillment. At work, I’ve laboured affectionately with MadCap Flare and TestComplete 8.60. At home I ventured into the world of Skyrim after toying with World of Warcraft. Skyrim is AWESOME. Blizzard’s conference Blizzcon whet my appetite for the upcoming StarCraft2 Heart of the … Continue reading

CG: Zbrush: Todays scraps – demo soldier transpose tool and subtool master

Today’s lessons involved manipulating subtools with the transpose tool and learning about the ZPlugin Subtool Master than now comes pre-installed in ZBrush 4. The Subtool Master plugin provides really helpful methods for working with subtools e.g. the ability to mirror a subtool from one side of the model to the other. It helps you to … Continue reading