Pulling a goat from the right side of the brain

What a journey I’ve had this evening! The self doubt crept in quickly over the last day or so and I’d managed to procrastinate on the art front completely avoiding anything arty yesterday. Indeed, I strayed so far from the righteous path that I even dragged my old HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop out of storage … Continue reading

Modo 601 render boolean example

Tonights foray into the Modo 601 feature set is a simple test of the render boolean feature. The featured image shows a final render. Full size pic available via the thumbnail. You can see the results of a render boolean in real time using the Advanced OpenGL display style with RayGL activated.  

Modo 601 is here! Luxology out-does Apple at the late reveal

Hoorah! Luxology Modo 601 was announced this evening (morning in the US) and I already have it installed! Luxology hinted that they would be releasing information about Modo 601 on Twitter today starting at 5pm GMT. I started following the feed around 6pm and a lot of videos had already been linked. I wasn’t able … Continue reading

Baby steps… 3ds max bible quick start wip

so today I started with a little foray into Daz3d… … then dusted off 3ds max and the 3ds max bible. I struggled with the sand texture for a while until I realised I needed to scale it down to 0.2 to get something reasonable with the generic unit setup. In the end, the quick … Continue reading

The day Oba woke up to the reality of Blender 2.5

Had a very enjoyable hobby-filled weekend the most notable highlight of which – from a technical standpoint – was finding that Blender has come on leaps and bounds since I last looked at it. The Blender UI overhaul in 2.5 and the mass of documentation and resources that exist for the program these days, coupled … Continue reading

CG: Sculptris First Impressions

Reading 3D World magazine today I stumbled across Sculptris. Sculptris is a scuplting application that recently joined the Pixologic fold along with its author Tomas Pettersson. It’s in Alpha at the moment and Pixologic are giving it away for free. You can read more about Sculptris here. The main forum is here. Sculptris frees you … Continue reading

CG: ZBrush: Today’s Scraps – odd head

today practiced creasing (you can’t really see it in the model but there is a crease around the T-section) and creating+placing subtools (the eyes).

Graphics: ZBrush: Today’s scraps

images from today’s learning with Eric Keller on Lynda.com

ZBrush 4 R2 is out!

Like you needed to come to my blog to find that Pixologic‘s ZBrush 4 R2 has been released! Still, I’m pretty stoked about this update. Got my upgrade keys for Mac and PC yesterday. The new Dynamesh could well be the feature that makes ZBrush fully accessible to a ultra-part-time hobbyist CG “artist” like me. … Continue reading

Hello Groboto! Come play with Modo and OctaneRender

Groboto was mentioned on the Luxology Modcast last week, so I thought I’d check it out since I’m always on the look out for magical modelling applications that help me to exercise my creative urges without burning a big hole in my wallet and free time. Well, Groboto looks to be one of those magical … Continue reading