DroboFS – Improved Read Speeds for the Mac

One of the biggest disappointments with Drobo FS was slow reads on the mac. After much trial and error, I finally discovered that mounting the DroboFS using the NFS protocol provides access at up to 20-30MB/s on a gigabit network i.e. equivalent to the read speeds possible from a Windows machine. As a comparison, I … Continue reading

Goodbye DroboFS

Update on 29/9/11: since writing the original post back in July 2010, I’ve been using the Drobo as a staging post for cold storage. However, I’ve finally (as of September 2011) decided enough is enough and this time, I will be retiring it for good. I finally got the last data off the DroboFS this … Continue reading

The Drobo Conundrum Part III

Update on the Drobo FS situation: I want to put the conclusions out there first so people looking for Drobo FS reviews don’t need to read the rest. Performance sucks. The convenience of a shared network drive does not outweigh the poor performance. The convenience of a very large drive does not outweigh the poor … Continue reading

The Drobo Conundrum Part II

Background info: since Part I post, I’ve contacted Drobo support and with a bit of help and patience, I’m witnessing a max read speed of 23MB/s as backup data is moving from Drobo to an attached 1TB USB-attached drive. Now… I had an idea whilst driving home tonight: I could use disk packs with the … Continue reading