DroboFS – Improved Read Speeds for the Mac

One of the biggest disappointments with Drobo FS was slow reads on the mac. After much trial and error, I finally discovered that mounting the DroboFS using the NFS protocol provides access at up to 20-30MB/s on a gigabit network i.e. equivalent to the read speeds possible from a Windows machine. As a comparison, I … Continue reading

Goodbye DroboFS

Update on 29/9/11: since writing the original post back in July 2010, I’ve been using the Drobo as a staging post for cold storage. However, I’ve finally (as of September 2011) decided enough is enough and this time, I will be retiring it for good. I finally got the last data off the DroboFS this … Continue reading

The Drobo Conundrum Part III

Update on the Drobo FS situation: I want to put the conclusions out there first so people looking for Drobo FS reviews don’t need to read the rest. Performance sucks. The convenience of a shared network drive does not outweigh the poor performance. The convenience of a very large drive does not outweigh the poor … Continue reading

Drobo FS shows promise but fails to deliver

DroboFS performance had increased to roughly USB2.0 levels on my Windows 7 PC for both reading and writing so I’d forgiven it’s slow start and accepted that, whilst it wasn’t the fastest kid on the block, it would do for archival purposes and even some media playback. When Macs came into my life over the … Continue reading