The one where Oba buys a MacBookPro with Retina Display

One of the most stressful and extravagant purchases I’ve made in a long time finally materialized as tangible goods on August 9th 2012. Using the excuse that my partner would not return the MacBookPro 2010 edition that I lent her a few months ago, I am now the wistful and financially-burdened owner of a MacBook … Continue reading

Down tools and get back to work

The enjoyment mixed with intermittent frustration of my arty holiday-come-extended-weekend is drawing to a close (pardon the pun). Time to down tools. Tomorrow it will be back to the day job, managing a team of software quality analysts. Talking of tools, drawing can be an incredibly cheap pastime. I splashed out on a snazzy pencil … Continue reading

Speck SeeThru 15 inch case for MacBook Pro

Just received the Speck case through the post today. Fitted it in seconds and it looks great.

The wishlist is growing again. Final Cut Pro X, iPhone 5, Kindle2…

It’s been a while since I craved technology and as a result my bank balance has been healing nicely of late. However, the level of temptation went up a few notches in the last few days. Here are a few material things that landed squarely on my radar recently. Final Cut Pro X I watched … Continue reading

3dConnexion SpaceExplorer 3D Mouse Arrives

Latest and hopefully last gadget for a while. Haven’t used it enough to give a decent opinion except that I’ve only ever read good reviews of it from real 3D professionals. Gave it a very quick spin in AutoDesk 3DS Max earlier and think it will take a little getting used to. As a left-handed … Continue reading

Accelerated Magic Mouse tracking

When I bought the Macbook, I also bought a Magic Mouse. The Mouse was slooooow. I use the Macbook a lot these days and the tracking performance of the Magic Mouse was getting to be more than a slight niggle. So, I googled. Hello MagicPrefs! This little app taps the hidden power of the Magic … Continue reading

MacBook Pro creates awe and guilt in equal measures

Maybe I’m charting my demise. I took another step towards the precipice today. iPad cometh and with it the temptation to develop applications for it and by extension, the desire to finally get an Apple laptop or computer. Naturally, a laptop is a more useful choice. Apples don’t come cheap though and what’s more, I’m … Continue reading

im gonna get me an IPad

it’s going to happen. I don’t need one and I can’t really afford it. I want it. gonna get it. just got to decide when.

bye bye old Tefal. Hello new Tefal.

good bye old faithful.. you served me well. My respect for you was so high that I convinced myself you were an expensive iron. I sought far and wide for an iron worthy to be your successor. Behold.. new Tefal. Vanquisher of the Cotton Shirts from Hell. Every shirt in an ironing session used to … Continue reading

The Drobo Conundrum Part I

My DroboFS is SLOOOOOOOOW. Read throughput is rarely over 10MB/s average. Was not expecting this. Was going to use the Drobo as a primary storage location but accessing the device to get large files frequently is a problem. What’s more, doing so just reminds me I spent a lot of money on something that is … Continue reading