Unity Day 7 – Interaction 102

Quick update tonight. The slides for my boss were finally signed off and after visiting my partner I just about had time to complete Chapter 5 which involved ripping out the use of door’s box collider, toying with raycast hit detection methods then finally settling on the preferred trigger zone approach – using an independent … Continue reading

Unity Day 6 – Interaction 101

I’m on the third and hopefully final revision of the slides for my boss that I started yesterday morning. What a coincidence that I’m learning how to interact with a sliding door in Unity! [Poor segue but it’s all I’ve got tonight]. Chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is all about interactivity. It … Continue reading

Unity Day 5 – the spare time gamble

I forgot to do some presentation slides for my boss over the weekend and I’ve promised to have them done by tomorrow morning or at the latest tomorrow close of play. I didn’t get to them during the day and straight after work I went to visit my partner who is recuperating from an operation. … Continue reading

6 hours with Unity

I’m now about 6 hours (spread over 3 days) into my Unity experience and happy with the results so far. Yesterday I switched to an up-to-date version of my chosen guide book. This edition is called Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and it was worth starting from the preface again as a lot of the … Continue reading

Unity here I come – first Unity 3D test

I really pushed the boat out today, purchasing a Pro license for the Unity 3D engine when I have hardly touched the free version. I have had a bee in my bonnet about finding a way to bring all my creative hobbies together in one package and some form of interactive 3D media might be … Continue reading