Two months post Diablo 3 launch

For me, Diablo 3 – which I’ve hardly mentioned since before it’s launch on May 15th – is an enjoyable way to pass the time and/or throw off the stress of the day. The artwork is pretty darn gorgeous too so the game also fuels my passion for art, computer graphics and game development. If … Continue reading

first iRacing forum posts, open practice, qualify and race

Week 13 started on the iRacing service today. It’s a gap week where normal series stop and iRacing puts on some one-off events whilst we wait for the next update. Many racers are eagerly awaiting the roll out of new cars and tracks with iRacing 2.0. I am on holiday so have more time than … Continue reading

iRacing, rFactor, Dirt3, Fanatec, F3… welcome to SimRacing

A week ago, I’d never heard of the term “sim racing”. Sure, I’d have made a reasonable guess at what is was, but if someone had asked me to estimate just how far simulated motorsports has moved on since I was an avid TOCA racing driver on the PC back in 1997 (!), and had … Continue reading

EA finally twists my arm with FIFA11

Every now and again I think about buying a footy sim. Last year I got cold feet at the last minute with FIFA10 .¬†FIFA11 finally won me over. The game play is accessible even to a complete novice. I picked “beginner” during initial setup so the engine may have put on some training wheels for … Continue reading

Diablo III on the wishlist

Bought Diablo II last night from Played it for several hours and found it pretty addictive. For a ten year old game it’s stood the test of time pretty well. I’m looking forward to the arrival of Diablo III. Could be years off yet as Blizzard don’t rush releases. I’m sold, regardless.  

First StarCraft, now Age of Empires.. then Civilization

My other life as a casual poker player tempted me to try StarCraft and StarCraft II a few weeks ago. This in turn reignited an interest in Real-Time Strategy games which in turn gave me an excuse to go buy the complete set of Age of Empires games. I doubt they will work in Windows … Continue reading