Stuck pixels on my LG W2363D after about a month’s use

Two vertical rows of stuck pixels have appeared on one of my LG W2363D monitors today. At first I thought it was a software glitch but they appear as soon as the LG is turned on. I’m not going to send the monitor back unless the screen becomes unusable. For the price and what I’m … Continue reading

Kindle 3 first impression

I found out yesterday evening that I’d received some more money back from a poker site and it just so happened I’d seen an Amazon Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G near the sandwich counter in Tesco that morning. It was too much of a coincidence to pass up so this morning on my way to … Continue reading

The wishlist is growing again. Final Cut Pro X, iPhone 5, Kindle2…

It’s been a while since I craved technology and as a result my bank balance has been healing nicely of late. However, the level of temptation went up a few notches in the last few days. Here are a few material things that landed squarely on my radar recently. Final Cut Pro X I watched … Continue reading

My Zoostorm Intel Core i7 PC has finally stopped crashing and here’s why!

Back in July 2009 I bought a cheap Zoostorm gaming PC . I had issues with it from the moment it arrived like the fact that the internal blu-ray drive was not connected and the pre-installed operating system (Vista 64) crashed during launch so I couldn’t even turn the computer on. I just re-installed the OS, upgraded to 12GB … Continue reading