Hello hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye I say…

I packaged the iMperfect iPad for shipment yesterday night. As luck would have it, just as I was contemplating a lengthy phone call to UPS to arrange collection of the old iPad, a UPS driver arrives with my AppleCare Protection Plan documentation. He took the parcel away. Job done, thanks Mr Jobs. The replacement has … Continue reading

RTFM . Replacement iPad cometh

Called Apple support today and went through the steps to determine that my iPad needs to be returned. Shelled out £85 for  AppleCare Protection Plan because that way they send the replacement within 2 days and you can hold on to the old device until the new one arrives. Didn’t read the small print though: … Continue reading

Whole row of Dead or Stuck Pixels on my iPad

Argh! I just looked at my display 30 minutes ago and found a whole line of dead or stuck pixels. Oh my god! It was sitting quietly by my side as I typed the last blog post and when I turned it on to check something out on the Times app, I noticed the line. … Continue reading

iPad Apps to Like #2: The Times iPad Edition

The Times iPad app has been pushed quite hard by the Times group and by jove, it really is a great little digital copy of the printed paper. They’ve done a good job of making sure that each page is beautifully laid out in portrait or landscape. As the single matchbox-sized help screen demonstrates, usage … Continue reading

iPad app test running on the device

squeezed in a little progress on the ipad development front before bed by completing the provisioning wizard. the last step of the wizard gives you some help on the steps to put your app on the ipad. Here’s my airware. there are a few steps to the provisioning that I just had to blindly follow … Continue reading

Mission accomplished

No miniPort to DVIs in stock so I went for the VGA connection. Not ideal but the alternative was £50 more (dual DVI link – DVI + USB). So here we have it:

First look at iPad Development

Taking a look at iPad development for the first time today with help of Simon Allardice’s excellent iPhone SDK Essential Training from Lynda.com’s training library. In the process, I discovered that my screen is not the high res version that I thought it was so an iPad view does not fit on the screen in portrait … Continue reading