iRacing back on track after NTM updates

When iRacing first introduced the NTM onto the Mazda MX-5 and Lotus 79 – the two cars I drove the most on the service – my enjoyment took a big hit. The cars felt unpredictable and even though others were setting strong times,¬† I lost confidence behind the wheel. The Maza MX5 had been my … Continue reading

iRacing: Promoted to C-Class for Oval

Resorted to the risky strategy of racing in the Rookie Legends series today to try bump my safety rating to C-class. It paid off after just two races though due to another strategic blunder in Race#1, my iRating took a bashing. Here are the full race results. Had a real good tussle with #5 Navim. … Continue reading

Time for Intervention at iRacing

Been working on this award patiently over the last few months. finally earned it! Still enjoying iRacing. Have been trying each of the D-class tracks and vehicles since being promoted at the end of July. Favourite cars are the SK Modified (oval), Late model series (oval), and Mazda MX-5 cup (road). Like the Skip Barber … Continue reading

iRacing: Promoted to D class

Hoorah! Week 13 is over and I’ve been promoted to D class! Can’t say the last few days have been that much fun on iRacing. The 2.0 update got quite a bashing from the regulars and the force feedback has changed quite a bit even after setting values as recommended. The Ford GT is a … Continue reading

first iRacing forum posts, open practice, qualify and race

Week 13 started on the iRacing service today. It’s a gap week where normal series stop and iRacing puts on some one-off events whilst we wait for the next update. Many racers are eagerly awaiting the roll out of new cars and tracks with iRacing 2.0. I am on holiday so have more time than … Continue reading

iRacing 2.0 cars and tracks announced in pre-sale

Today the service announced the upcoming release of the Ford GT and the Strakka Racing LMP ARX-01C cars along with the Suzuka International Racing circuit (with an active overpass – a first for iRacing) and the Iowa Speedway. I snapped¬† them up immediately without realizing that they aren’t actually available to try out yet. … Continue reading

iRacing lapping the field

Forza Motorsport 3 arrived today. Noticed some realistic braking & steering effects but it’s let down by crumby force feedback though I’m only using a wireless controller so it’s hard to tell. Doubt I’ll be playing it much. iRacing has tempted me to head towards a 3 monitor rig setup with updated graphics cards. I’ll … Continue reading