Unity Day 8 – A simple recap turns into a trip down memory lane

The objective today, apart from nursing a runny nose and groggy head, was to put together a simple interactive game to exercise what I learnt about Unity in chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials over the last few days. The application has to include some colliders, trigger zones and raycasting with audio, animations … Continue reading

Unity Day 6 – Interaction 101

I’m on the third and hopefully final revision of the slides for my boss that I started yesterday morning. What a coincidence that I’m learning how to interact with a sliding door in Unity! [Poor segue but it’s all I’ve got tonight]. Chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is all about interactivity. It … Continue reading

Modo 601 network render farm trials and cell edge material taster

The featured image is a test render including the cell edge material shader. It’s a frame from an animation I started working on today as part of a wider project to implement Luxology Modo network rendering on Amazon’s AWS EC2 cloud. I’ve spent what spare time I could muster over the last week or so … Continue reading

Modo 601 blobs and a little volumetric

Today’s foray into Modo 601’s treasure chest was a sample of the new blob item. The basic process for this video was: load the chicken from the preset library (easy to do in Layout view) add a surface generator to add randomly spaced particles over the chicken mesh. add a blob, using the surface generator … Continue reading

Modo 601 character animation quick test

There is so much to Modo 601 and every little bit is so tasty. Take character animation for example. I put this little animation together after watching one Modo 601 reveal video. It took me all of 10 minutes to do the main steps. The simplicity of adding bones with Intersection (rays shot through the … Continue reading

Modo 601 is here! Luxology out-does Apple at the late reveal

Hoorah! Luxology Modo 601 was announced this evening (morning in the US) and I already have it installed! Luxology hinted that they would be releasing information about Modo 601 on Twitter today starting at 5pm GMT. I started following the feed around 6pm and a lot of videos had already been linked. I wasn’t able … Continue reading

A month of yearning

Since the last post, I’ve continued the merry quest for happiness and fulfillment. At work, I’ve laboured affectionately with MadCap Flare and TestComplete 8.60. At home I ventured into the world of Skyrim after toying with World of Warcraft. Skyrim is AWESOME. Blizzard’s conference Blizzcon whet my appetite for the upcoming StarCraft2 Heart of the … Continue reading

CG: Zbrush: Todays scraps – demo soldier transpose tool and subtool master

Today’s lessons involved manipulating subtools with the transpose tool and learning about the ZPlugin Subtool Master than now comes pre-installed in ZBrush 4. The Subtool Master plugin provides really helpful methods for working with subtools e.g. the ability to mirror a subtool from one side of the model to the other. It helps you to … Continue reading

CG: Modo 501 training comes to Lynda.com

Brad and Dave announced on the the Modcast this week that Dan Ablan has published a Modo 501 training course on the online training service Lynda.com. Indeed, there’s a Modo category at Lynda now. and Dan’s course is modo 501 Essential Training. You can find the course at http://www.lynda.com/Modo-501-tutorials/Essential-Training/83741-2.html I’ll be doing this course once … Continue reading

AutoDesk SoftImage 2011.5 plays ok with Modo 501

The little test model I did yesterday imports just fine into Modo using Collada export.¬†Hoorah! The render in Modo 501 was absolutely stunning quality at 1920×1080 resolution and all I did was drop an abstract studio preset into the scene. It was also blisteringly fast. Modo wins the rendering ease-of-use contest hands down. Importing from … Continue reading