Stumbling in low light

Tonight’s experiment didn’t go to plan. Not happy with the result after an hour of rendering in Octane. In the process I learned that Octane does not support native lights. You have to add light-emitting textures to objects. Also failed categorically to recreate this scene in Modo or do any better with 3DS Max with … Continue reading

Testing the Octane SoftImage Plug-in

This weekend’s 3D indulgence was a test of the Octane plug-in for SoftImage. I’m very pleased with the results and I have a sneaking feeling that SoftImage coupled with the Octane renderer make 3DS Max unnecessary from a hobbyist perspective. Oh well! I have both now 🙂 Here’s the creation: I started with the Lagoa … Continue reading

Octane Render – GPU Delight

I was trying to find some comparisons of FryRender vs V-Ray today and discovered Octane Render. This GPU-based unbiased renderer is currently in beta and Refractive Software are selling the product at 99 Euros for a limited time. They currently estimate the retail price to be around 200 euros when finally released. Compared to Fry … Continue reading