Pulling a goat from the right side of the brain

What a journey I’ve had this evening! The self doubt crept in quickly over the last day or so and I’d managed to procrastinate on the art front completely avoiding anything arty yesterday. Indeed, I strayed so far from the righteous path that I even dragged my old HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop out of storage … Continue reading

Hello Groboto! Come play with Modo and OctaneRender

Groboto was mentioned on the Luxology Modcast last week, so I thought I’d check it out since I’m always on the look out for magical modelling applications that help me to exercise my creative urges without burning a big hole in my wallet and free time. Well, Groboto looks to be one of those magical … Continue reading

Modo Stonehenge

Figured I’d balance out the lighting tests in 3DS MAx and SoftImage with a Modo test. Tried using light-emitting textures with mixed success even on high settings (both Indirect and Irradiance options). In the end I realised that Modo isn’t claiming to be an unbiased renderer so I should stop treating it like one. When … Continue reading

Octane Render – GPU Delight

I was trying to find some comparisons of FryRender vs V-Ray today and discovered Octane Render. This GPU-based unbiased renderer is currently in beta and Refractive Software are selling the product at 99 Euros for a limited time. They currently estimate the retail price to be around 200 euros when finally released. Compared to Fry … Continue reading

Good renders with SoftImage aint so hard after all

I’m going to allow CG back into my life as a hobby and keep up to date with one package other than Modo at least until Modo has a full gamut of features. My choices are limited by price which basically equates to Blender – opensource and getting stronger year on year but I have … Continue reading