CG: Sculptris First Impressions

Reading 3D World magazine today I stumbled across Sculptris. Sculptris is a scuplting application that recently joined the Pixologic fold along with its author Tomas Pettersson. It’s in Alpha at the moment and Pixologic are giving it away for free. You can read more about Sculptris here. The main forum is here. Sculptris frees you … Continue reading

Going Faster with iRacing!

I’ve been logging into the iRacing service almost every night since my last racing-related post. Over the period, I’ve got into TimeTrials and achieved a high enough safety rating to be ready for Oval license promotion by the end of the month. It can get a little boring circling a small oval like Lanier or … Continue reading

The wishlist is growing again. Final Cut Pro X, iPhone 5, Kindle2…

It’s been a while since I craved technology and as a result my bank balance has been healing nicely of late. However, the level of temptation went up a few notches in the last few days. Here are a few material things that landed squarely on my radar recently. Final Cut Pro X I watched … Continue reading