Review: Forza Motorsport 4 cometh and it IS awesome.

It’s finally here and truth be told, Forza Motorsport 4 lives up to all the hype. It truly is a great game. Indeed, the game is so good that after a few hours playing the game with an Xbox controller yesterday, I ordered a Fanatec CSR wheel to take my Forza 4 driving experience to … Continue reading

iRacing: Promoted to C-Class for Oval

Resorted to the risky strategy of racing in the Rookie Legends series today to try bump my safety rating to C-class. It paid off after just two races though due to another strategic blunder in Race#1, my iRating took a bashing. Here are the full race results. Had a real good tussle with #5 Navim. … Continue reading

Time for Intervention at iRacing

Been working on this award patiently over the last few months. finally earned it! Still enjoying iRacing. Have been trying each of the D-class tracks and vehicles since being promoted at the end of July. Favourite cars are the SK Modified (oval), Late model series (oval), and Mazda MX-5 cup (road). Like the Skip Barber … Continue reading

Mimo 720S 7 inch usb touchscreen welcome addition to simrig

A few days ago I found a program called iSpeed that helps you to analyze and compare telemetry data from the iRacing service. It’s a great little app. Reading the write up on the site, I discovered that iSpeed was initially designed to run on a Mimo 7-inch usb monitor. I could tell from a … Continue reading

first iRacing forum posts, open practice, qualify and race

Week 13 started on the iRacing service today. It’s a gap week where normal series stop and iRacing puts on some one-off events whilst we wait for the next update. Many racers are eagerly awaiting the roll out of new cars and tracks with iRacing 2.0. I am on holiday so have more time than … Continue reading

Going Faster with iRacing!

I’ve been logging into the iRacing service almost every night since my last racing-related post. Over the period, I’ve got into TimeTrials and achieved a high enough safety rating to be ready for Oval license promotion by the end of the month. It can get a little boring circling a small oval like Lanier or … Continue reading

iRacing 2.0 cars and tracks announced in pre-sale

Today the service announced the upcoming release of the Ford GT and the Strakka Racing LMP ARX-01C cars along with the Suzuka International Racing circuit (with an active overpass – a first for iRacing) and the Iowa Speedway. I snappedĀ  them up immediately without realizing that they aren’t actually available to try out yet. … Continue reading

What I learnt about Sim Racing in the last few days

Simulation Racing Titles iRacing – it’s a paid subscription service and heavily marketed. absolutely amazing realism. very very strong professional community. closest thing to real life motorsport even giving drivers licenses and safety factors that are affected by incidents on the race track . endorsed by some big names in motorsport. rFactor – a strong … Continue reading

iRacing, rFactor, Dirt3, Fanatec, F3… welcome to SimRacing

A week ago, I’d never heard of the term “sim racing”. Sure, I’d have made a reasonable guess at what is was, but if someone had asked me to estimate just how far simulated motorsports has moved on since I was an avid TOCA racing driver on the PC back in 1997 (!), and had … Continue reading