Testing the Octane SoftImage Plug-in

This weekend’s 3D indulgence was a test of the Octane plug-in for SoftImage. I’m very pleased with the results and I have a sneaking feeling that SoftImage coupled with the Octane renderer make 3DS Max unnecessary from a hobbyist perspective. Oh well! I have both now 🙂 Here’s the creation: I started with the Lagoa … Continue reading

Lagoa Physics – Basic Test

Squeezed this in tonight…

AutoDesk SoftImage 2011.5 plays ok with Modo 501

The little test model I did yesterday imports just fine into Modo using Collada export. Hoorah! The render in Modo 501 was absolutely stunning quality at 1920×1080 resolution and all I did was drop an abstract studio preset into the scene. It was also blisteringly fast. Modo wins the rendering ease-of-use contest hands down. Importing from … Continue reading

Good renders with SoftImage aint so hard after all

I’m going to allow CG back into my life as a hobby and keep up to date with one package other than Modo at least until Modo has a full gamut of features. My choices are limited by price which basically equates to Blender – opensource and getting stronger year on year but I have … Continue reading