Impulsive Nikon D7000 purchase marks return of another hobby

On the 21st December, I decided to revive photography as a hobby to ensure I had at least one pursuit that involved outdoor activity (the gym doesn’t count). The thing is, whenever I bring a pastime back from the dead like this, it is usually accompanied by an expensive spend to bring related tools up-to-date. This … Continue reading

Going Faster with iRacing!

I’ve been logging into the iRacing service almost every night since my last racing-related post. Over the period, I’ve got into TimeTrials and achieved a high enough safety rating to be ready for Oval license promotion by the end of the month. It can get a little boring circling a small oval like Lanier or … Continue reading

Kindle 3 first impression

I found out yesterday evening that I’d received some more money back from a poker site and it just so happened I’d seen an Amazon Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G near the sandwich counter in Tesco that morning. It was too much of a coincidence to pass up so this morning on my way to … Continue reading

3dConnexion SpaceExplorer 3D Mouse Arrives

Latest and hopefully last gadget for a while. Haven’t used it enough to give a decent opinion except that I’ve only ever read good reviews of it from real 3D professionals. Gave it a very quick spin in AutoDesk 3DS Max earlier and think it will take a little getting used to. As a left-handed … Continue reading

First StarCraft, now Age of Empires.. then Civilization

My other life as a casual poker player tempted me to try StarCraft and StarCraft II a few weeks ago. This in turn reignited an interest in Real-Time Strategy games which in turn gave me an excuse to go buy the complete set of Age of Empires games. I doubt they will work in Windows … Continue reading

Final Cut Express to Final Cut Studio in 4 days

I liked Final Cut Express so much, I upgraded to Final Cut Studio within 4 days of purchase. I had mistakenly thought that Final Cut Pro and Motion would have  to be purchased separately and each would cost a whopping amount of money. Realising that these apps came in a bundle and that I could … Continue reading

Mission accomplished

No miniPort to DVIs in stock so I went for the VGA connection. Not ideal but the alternative was £50 more (dual DVI link – DVI + USB). So here we have it:

MacBook Pro creates awe and guilt in equal measures

Maybe I’m charting my demise. I took another step towards the precipice today. iPad cometh and with it the temptation to develop applications for it and by extension, the desire to finally get an Apple laptop or computer. Naturally, a laptop is a more useful choice. Apples don’t come cheap though and what’s more, I’m … Continue reading