ZBrushWorkshops – a great resource to learn ZBrush

Was looking for some tips on using Dynamesh and discovered the teachings of Ryan Kingslien yesterday. His ZBrushWorkshops site could transform my ZBrush skills. Eureka! I subscribed after taking a look at the getting started videos but to be honest I could have waited as there is a lot of great free content. The head … Continue reading

CG: Zbrush: Todays scraps – demo soldier transpose tool and subtool master

Today’s lessons involved manipulating subtools with the transpose tool and learning about the ZPlugin Subtool Master than now comes pre-installed in ZBrush 4. The Subtool Master plugin provides really helpful methods for working with subtools e.g. the ability to mirror a subtool from one side of the model to the other. It helps you to … Continue reading

CG: ZBrush: Today’s Scraps – odd head

today practiced creasing (you can’t really see it in the model but there is a crease around the T-section) and creating+placing subtools (the eyes).

Graphics: ZBrush: Today’s scraps

images from today’s learning with Eric Keller on Lynda.com

ZBrush 4 R2 is out!

Like you needed to come to my blog to find that Pixologic‘s ZBrush 4 R2 has been released! Still, I’m pretty stoked about this update. Got my upgrade keys for Mac and PC yesterday. The new Dynamesh could well be the feature that makes ZBrush fully accessible to a ultra-part-time hobbyist CG “artist” like me. … Continue reading