Tech Shrine

3D Applications

Luxology’s Modo – awesome modelling, sculpting, animation and rendering package.

Autodesk 3DS Max – though I’m not happy with Autodesk’s money hungry marketing tactics 😦

Pixologic ZBrush – the awesome updates just keep coming for this product.

Octane Renderer  – my favourite unbiased renderer.

Groboto – fairly new addition to my fav list. creates beautifully clean meshes from booleans. The only downside is the models tend to all have the same Grobotoed look to them.

Autodesk SoftImage – especially the Lagoa physics engine.


InsideSimRacing.TV – news about sim racing run by some genuine fanatics. – my favourite racing sim by far. very realistic. great service. great community.

LiveForSpeed – seems pretty realistic though possibly graphics are a tad dated now. just haven’t spent much time on it.

rFactor – there are lots of people that swear by this site. I just can’t be bothered to spend the time fiddling to get a realistic and enjoyable racing experience. rFactor2 is looking  to be an awesome upgrade though without iRacings safety rating and marshalling system, I still don’t think it will provide as strong a service overall.

Training Sites – have been an on-and-off subscriber for years. content very accessible here including a great iPad app. – language training web site. Rosetta Stone type learning for a fraction of the price.

Livemocha – another language training site. vibrant user community willing to correct each others written and spoken exercises.


3D Artist – my favourite magazine about CG and related tools.

3D World – more articles about CG, info on latest software advances etc.

AutoSport – real life racing news. covers all genres of 4-wheel motorsport.

Empire – magazine about films. written in a very irreverent style.

Custom PC – good magazine to buy if you’re considering a PC upgrade. also has some interesting articles that explain bits of tech.

PC Gamer – the people that write this seem highly intelligent based on their enjoyable podcast. magazine is a good read.

Marvel Digital Comics

Poker-related Sites
(of course 😉 )


Favourite Phone : iPhone

I’ve become an Apple fanboy due to the iPhone’s ease of use. I’ll suffer restrictions like no Flash support and the occasional feature omission as long as Apple delivers a product that still meets my needs.

It took the iPhone3G for the iPhone to tick enough boxes for me to hop onto the bandwagon. I held out for an iPhone 5 until earlier this year when I capitulated and upgraded to an iPhone4s at work.

With Android nipping at iOS’s heels I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with Apple long term. We’ll see!

Favourite Tablet: the New iPad

I have a third generation iPad 64Gb with 3G having skipped the iPad 2.

Favourite eReader: Amazon Kindle

I was so amazed by how easy it is to read electronic ink that I bought a Kindle 3 even though I already had an iPad. I’d like to upgrade to the Kindle Touch but really can’t justify it.

Favourite Laptop: MacBook Pro

I bought a 15″ 2011 MacBook Pro to try some iOS development with the intention not to use it for anything else. Over time I found myself wanting to use it more and more for other tasks.

The macbook eventually became my portable creativity device with everything from Adobe Photoshop to Propellerhead Reason and Scrivener installed until I made the mistake of letting my partner borrow it now she doesn’t want to give it back.

To solve the problem, I ordered a Macbook Pro with Retina display 🙂 I can smile now (the laptop is on its way as I write this on 07-12-2012) but I was wincing for days over the cost and I’m trying not to think about how long it’s going to take me to pay off my credit card.

To be fair though, I’m typing this on my Windows desktop PC and find the extra real-estate and performance handy for some tasks. I like Windows 7 a lot, almost as much as Mac OSX Lion. Not so sure about Windows 8 though.

Favourite Digital SLR: Nikon D7000

I would have to rate the D7000 over everything else as it’s my latest camera upgrade – purchased 22-Dec-2011.


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