Having surpressed an over-developed stress-related spending habit for several years, I went on a binge in early 2011 buying new gadgets and technologies to learn and explore. This blog was initially conceived to be a public record of my technology travels since then in the hope that such a record would keep me on a frugal path.

I’ve since expanded the blog to cover any and all of my various hobbies, purchases and experiments, excluding online poker.

I’ve had an interest in art since childhood thanks in part to an overtly  creative mother. This grew into an expensive obsession with 3D graphics after experiencing Tekken on the Playstation back in 1995. Computer art and game related gadges have been the root of my spending habit ever since. Unfortunately, I’ve spent more time buying and learning gadgets than producing any art with them and as such, my artistic bent has been severely neglected.

A workaholic Software X Manager by day (X = Quality Assurance  at the moment but it changes from time to time) , my hobbies go through periods of utter neglect when work takes over then mad spurts of revival as I become desparate for an escape from the day job. This blog experiences similar stops and starts.

As of August 2012, I’m striving to achieve a consistent worklife balance so that my hobbies (and by extension this blog) can grow consistently and steadily from this point forward.

5 Responses to “About”
  1. David Madders says:

    Nice blog, we’re very much the same in that we both love tech. I’m currently trying to decide whether to concentrate on using Modo or 3ds Max for my 3D. I much prefer Modo for modelling but really like iRay. Currently exploring ways to get stuff from Modo to Max so I get the best of both worlds.

    Hope you keep going with your blog 🙂

    • obadonke says:

      Hi David! Pleased to meet you. You know, much though I love 3D, I haven’t done any 3D work since January. I’m using the desire to get back to 3D work to drive myself to get more day-job work done and so far it’s proven very effective 🙂 I regularly listen to Brad Peebler’s Modcast to monitor Luxology’s progress and keep an eye on the market in general.

      Interesting that you’re really into iRay. I haven’t got to grips with it yet but then I have tons to learn about all the 3d tools… it’s early days! Happy 3Ding. I’ll go see if you have a blog now 😉

  2. Hey there Obadonke, very nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and giving me a follow and for liking my Kayla Harrison Portrait. I really appreciate that. I like quite a few of the drawings you’ve posted here and hope to see more of them. About the modeling, the closest I get to any of that is google sketch-up. I love it and use it when every I’m dreaming of a new floor plan or something. Sometimes I wish I had more time to learn 3d modeling, but then again I spend so much time reading, writing and drawing I’m afraid I would loose something somewhere. Who know. Keep posting and the great work. Cheers!!!

    • obadonke says:

      Hey Aaron, thanks for dropping by. Your artwork is aspirational and motivational to me, especially the portraits. I was tempted to go press “like” on many of your pictures but figured I’d be here all day. Let’s just say I became an instant fan after discovering your blog today 🙂

      • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like my portraits and the portraits page. I love drawing them . . . ummm, you know . . . if you did want to throw a like on . . . never mind, there are a lot of posts. You’re awesome for being so kind. I hope you stop by all the time.

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